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International Fellowships and mobility aids

Bourses et aides à la mobilité

International Fellowships and mobility aids

Each year the Institut Pasteur Department of International Affairs allocates funding to promote and aid completion of doctoral theses, postdoctoral internships, traineeships and trainings within the Institut Pasteur International Network to improve scientific capabilities and human resources around the world. This different grant funded by the Department of International Affairs are focused on scientists (students, reserachers, technicians) issued in priorities from low-income countries.



Foundations and associations

Foundations and associations are closer to the public and by their presence alongside they supports the Institut Pasteur trough its success and development around the world.

International - Fondations et Associations - Institut Pasteur




International - Partenaires - Institut Pasteur

Given its global presence and to respond to its three missions of scientific research, public health and education, the Institut Pasteur cultivates a network of more than a thousand partnerships worldwide. 



Main partnerships

Institut Pasteur's partners include various institutions, research institutes, international organizations, private foundations, universities and other academic organizations, bilateral and multilateral initiatives, associations and the private aera.

International - Principaux partenaires - Institut Pasteur



Pasteur Network Talent Award

International - Pasteur Network Talent Award - Institut Pasteur

A stimulating environment, support through training, and dedicated monitoring are the keys to scientific excellence. The Institut Pasteur has set itself the priority of supporting career development for researchers with high potential within the Institut Pasteur International Network.



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