Warning: Pour rappel, le Musée Pasteur est fermé aux visites individuelles, y compris la semaine du 12 novembre 2018

Documentary resource materials

The historical resource materials at the Pasteur Museum provide an insight and in-depth understanding of the life and work of Louis Pasteur, Institut Pasteur scientists and the history of the Institut Pasteur.



You may arrange for an appointment (docmusee@pasteur.fr) to view our archives, works, themed files, original documents, and historical photographs  among others.

Historical photo library

Historical photo library - Institut Pasteur

The historical photo library holds iconographic collections relating to:

  • Louis Pasteur
  • The Institut Pasteur in Paris
  • Institut Pasteur scientists
  • The Pasteur Museum
  • Pasteur Museum collections
  • The history of the Institut Pasteur Network


No prior registration is required to run an iconographic search.

But you do need to create an account* to download photographs. *Please contact phototheque about your account.

Please contact the museum for iconographic search at docmusee@pasteur.fr


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