The Institut Pasteur's President prepares strategy proposals for submission to the Board of Directors’ approval. The President is supported by the Scientific Council and the Executive Committee to ensure the effective implementation of the strategy.


The senior management provides executive leadership to the Institut Pasteur. It makes the decisions required to provide overall policy direction within the Institut Pasteur in line with its assigned responsibilities. It is charged with developing a forward-looking strategic vision for the Institut Pasteur's scientific activities.

The President of the Institut Pasteur is a scientist appointed for a four-year term. The term can be renewed once, upon age limit condition. The President reports to the Board of Directors and ensures the smooth running of the Institut Pasteur’s business.

The President appoints all staff other than staff appointed by the Board of Directors and manages the expenditures of the Institut.

The President is the Institut Pasteur's legal representative.

The President of the Institut Pasteur is assisted by a Vice-President responsible for administrative and financial matters and by the other members of the senior management team.

Institut Pasteur senior management team

Pr. Stewart Cole

Senior Executive Vice-President Administration and Finance
François Romaneix

Senior Vice-President responsable for Scientific Affairs
Olivier Schwartz

General Counsel
Samuel Valcke

Research Applications and Industrial Relations Department
Isabelle Buckle

Department of Communications and Fundraising
Jean-François Chambon

Technical Resources and Environment Department
Nathalie Denoyés

Financial Affairs Department
Françoise Perriolat

Medical Affairs and Public Health Department
Odile Gelpi

International Affairs Department
Pierre-Marie Girard

Human Resources Department
Odile Hermabessière

Scientific Assessment Department
Alain Israël

Technology and Scientific Programs Department
Christophe d’Enfert

Scientific Secretariat General
Nathalie de Parseval

Information Systems Department
Stéphane Fournier

Department of Education
Monica Sala

Scientific Careers Department
Patrick Trieu-Cuot

Internal Audit and Control Department
Pascal Masse-Navette

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