Creation of the Pasteur Japan Foundation


Since 15 June, the Foundation Pasteur Japan was officially created and succeeds Association Pasteur Japan whose scholarship program allowed for 11 years to host Japanese young scientists at the Institut Pasteur.

Located in Tokyo, the new foundation's objectives is to encourage research, public health and facilitate the dissemination to the general public of scientific knowledge in the life sciences field.

Private funding and donations collected by the Foundation Pasteur Japan will support research programs and exchanges of researchers to foster cooperation between the Japanese scientific community and the Institut Pasteur international network, particularly in the Asia -Pacific region and in Africa.

The creation of this foundation is another step in strengthening scientific ties between France and Japan, countries which are among the world leaders in biomedical research, since two Pasteur international joint research units were selected in 2015 to be created with the universities of Kyoto and Tokyo.

After the United States and Switzerland, Japan is the third country to adopt a Pasteur Foundation to accelerate biomedical research for the benefit of all people.


Mis à jour le 06/07/2016
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