Study Grants Calmette & Yersin

These Grants, funded by Institut Pasteur International Division, are designed to promote and facilitate participation of the scientists in the Pasteur Network in courses provided at Institut Pasteur in Paris, training workshops organised by the Pasteur Network member institutes, and other courses recognised by the International Division.


Courses may cover subjects such as developmental biology, pathophysiology of infectious diseases, immunology, microbiology, epidemiology, food hygiene and safety, and quality control policy. Courses should build on the applicant’s initial training and contribute to strengthening his/her research skills.

  • The scientific staff from the Pasteur Network must submit an application by registering online courses at the Institut Pasteur in Paris for the current academic year on the website (see "Online Registration") and simultaneously sending a request for funding to the International Division
  • The Selection Committee selects candidates for being involved in
  • The Selection Committee decides study grant award based on the relevance of the course for the training of the candidate, its relevance to the applicant's position in the institute and its relevance to the Institute. Only the candidates rated A by the Committee of Courses will be reviewed for the study grant selection. In addition candidates have already received a study grant to attend a course last year, will not apply for a study grant the following year. Priority will be given to candidates who have never received funding: traineeship grant or study grants.

If the study grant is accepted, the Institut Pasteur takes care of the living (1100 euros per month) and registration expenses. On the other hand, the Institut Pasteur does not pay for transport costs which stay chargeable to the candidate’s institute.

Online applications exclusively


  The application include:

  • Summary of the course (1/2 page max.)
  • Applicant’s curriculum vitae
  • Presentation of completed research and results obtained
  • Chronological list of scientific publications
  • The applicant must indicate whether he/she has received a grant from a French or international organisation the previous year and this year and, if so, at which institution(s). The International Affairs Department will not pay for travel expenses as a general rule.
  • Online supporting letter from the director of the home institution
  • Online supporting letter from the supervisor


Marianne Lucas-Hourani


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