Alejandro Buschiazzo from the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo is the laureat of the 2014 François Jacob’s Prize


Alejandro Buschiazzo awarded the François Jacob’s Prize given by Professor Christian Bréchot, President of the Institut Pasteur on January 24th, 2014. This Award recognizes his work on crystallography, his great commitment in the interface with the Institut Pasteur International Network especially in a leptospirosis' project and the creation of a structural biology network in Latin America.

The François Jacob Prize, created following the will of François Jacob after a Pasteur Foundation’s donation in United States, awardded this year this researcher at the Institut Pasteur in Montevideo, member of the Institut Pasteur International Network.

Alejandro Buschiazzo heads the Proteins Crystallography Unit in Montevideo since 2006, after a PhD at the Buenos Aires University, a postdoctoral traineeship in the Pedro Alzari’s Unit and finally a young researcher position in the same unit within the Institut Pasteur in Paris. The scientific work of his team is dedicated to the interface between Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by focusing on the structural study of proteins-proteins and protein-DNA complexes involved in several pathologies such as leptospirosis and trypanosomiasis.


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