47th Council of Directors from Institut Pasteur International Network


18‐20 March 2015, Château des Ravatys


The 47th Council of Directors gathered the Directors from the institutes of the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP), the Chairman of the Board, the Directors of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, the team of the Department of International Affairs and the heads of the Transversal Research Centers, from 18-20 March at the Château des Ravatys, which was bequeathed to the Institut Pasteur in 1937 by Mathilde Courbe.


This meeting was an opportunity to very fruitful discussions on many topics, especially on cross-cutting actions, development and public or private co-financing for research projects, for postdoc and PhD and mobility of youth researchers in RIIP.


Dealing with 21st century Public health challenges all RIIP’s Directors have reaffirmed their determination to continue the work begin more than a century by signing the new RIIP Cooperation Agreement. Thus, the structures that adhere to this Agreement undertake to develop their activities in the areas of biomedical research, public health, education and technology transfer, taking into account their national intervention and local contexts, but apart from all ethnic, political, religious that could divert them from their main objective to develop knowledge to improve human health. These activities are conducted with the aim of promoting sustainable development based on local capacity in accordance with the Human Rights and the environment.

This meeting was also an opportunity to present the new organization of the Department of International Affairs.




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