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Researchers from the Institut Pasteur and the CNRS, in collaboration with clinicians in Gabon, recently conducted a...
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Researchers from the Institut Pasteur in Paris, including one associate team at Inserm, have recently developed a...
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Rare individuals infected by the AIDS virus control the infection and do not develop the disease, in spite of more than...
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Could multidrug resistance become widespread among strains of the plague bacillus? The study of a fragment of mobile...
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The various BCG strains used to vaccinate against tuberculosis throughout the world may not all have the same level of...
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Buruli ulcer is a necrotizing skin disease that is very disabling, caused by bacteria that inhabit aquatic environment...
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During Middle Age, the plague decimated almost one third of the European population in less than 3 years. Why is the...
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Cryptococcosis ranks second among fatal opportunistic infections in patients infected by HIV and who are profoundly...
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Streptococcus B, one of the primary sources of infection in newborns, can cause pneumonia, septicemia, and meningitis....



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