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Anaphylactic shock, an exacerbated allergic reaction that can prove fatal, is sometimes caused by the use of drugs...
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Nipah virus, a bat-borne paramyxovirus found throughout South and South East Asia, has been identified by WHO as an...
Plan stratégique - Institut Pasteur
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On a proposal from Professor Stewart Cole, President of the Institut Pasteur, Professor Pierre-Marie Girard has been...
Le surcoût annuel des infections à bactéries résistantes en France estimé à 290 millions d'euros
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A team of researchers from Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University (UVSQ), Inserm and Pasteur Institute (Unité...
Face à l’antibiorésistance, une nouvelle arme tueuse de bactéries
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When the first antibiotics were discovered in the early 20th century, the rate of death from infectious diseases fell...
Découverte d’une réaction immunitaire cruciale lors de la diversification alimentaire pour prévenir l’apparition des maladies inflammatoires
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Microbes colonize all body surfaces and help to balance the immune system. In newborn infants, gut microbiota is first...
apparition paludisme
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Malaria, which claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year – mainly children and especially in Africa –, is one of...
Zika en Thaïland
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The circulation of the dengue virus for the past sixty years in South-East Asia is relatively well known. For Zika, the...
épithélium sensoriel d’une cochlée
Press release
In collaboration with the universities of Miami, Columbia and San Francisco, scientists from the Institut Pasteur,...



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