The CRBIP  (Biological Resource Center of Institut Pasteur) holds collections of biological materials and the information associated with them.

A number of controls are performed to ensure the compliance of the biological material with the properties described by the applicant. This information is grouped in a database (BRC LIMS software) and in a web catalog covering each collection.

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CRBIP - Historical background

CRBIP Historical background



The open collections


The Collection of Institut Pasteur

The "Collection de l’Institut Pasteur" (CIP) was created by Dr Binot, who first began to collect strains in 1892. Freeze-drying was first used for strain conservation for the CIP towards the 1950s.


The Pasteur Culture Collection of Cyanobacteria

The Pasteur Culture collection of Cyanobacteria (PCC) is supported by the Institut Pasteur, which has provided the space and facilities for the PCC since 1971.

ICAReB _ Institut Pasteur

ICAReB Platform

The Clinical Investigation and Access to Biological Resources platform was created in 2008 to provide research teams with the human biological resources they need.


Santé publique - CRBIP - Distribution


Tor order a strain to the CIP, The customer agrees implicitly not to resell the strain and to mention the acronym of the CIP Collection and the number of the strain (e.g. 6301) in any publication or communication implying this strain.

Santé publique - CRBIP - Distribution


In ordering a strain from the PCC, the customer implicitly agrees not to resell the strain, and to quote the Collection acronym (PCC) and full strain number (e.g. 6301) in any published communication involving that strain.

ICAReB distribution - Institut Pasteur


To have access to human biological resources (RBH) the applicant must fill out a Biological Application Form.

Culture of strains

Culture of strains

Culture of freeze-dried bacterial strains



Deposit of strains to the CRBIP

Strains are deposited in the collection together with a completed "strain deposit form" indicating culture conditions and the components of the culture medium if necessary, the properties of the strain and references.

deposit-strains - Institut Pasteur


Plasmids and transposons

The deposit of a plasmid or transposon must be accompanied by a completed "deposit of plasmids or transposons form" indicating the culture conditions.

The deposit of a plasmid or transposon in the CIP is free. The CIP reserves the right to accept or to refuse the deposition of plasmids or transposons. All demand for a deposit of a plasmid or transposon in the CIP must be formulated in writing, enclosing the publication to be submitted to enable the CIP to carry out the necessary controls.

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