The CRBIP  (Biological Resource Center of Institut Pasteur) holds collections of biological materials and the information associated with them.

A number of controls are performed to ensure the compliance of the biological material with the properties described by the applicant. This information is grouped in a database (BRC LIMS software) and in a web catalog covering each collection.

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CRBIP - Historical background

CRBIP Historical background



The open collections

CRBIP Open collections-Institut Pasteur
CRBIP Open collections-Institut Pasteur



crbip-distribution - Institut Pasteur
crbip-distribution - Institut Pasteur


Culture of strains

Culture of strains

Culture of freeze-dried bacterial strains



Deposit of strains to the CRBIP

Strains are deposited in the collection together with a completed "strain deposit form" indicating culture conditions and the components of the culture medium if necessary, the properties of the strain and references.

deposit-strains - Institut Pasteur


Plasmids and transposons

The deposit of a plasmid or transposon must be accompanied by a completed "deposit of plasmids or transposons form" indicating the culture conditions.

The deposit of a plasmid or transposon in the CIP is free. The CIP reserves the right to accept or to refuse the deposition of plasmids or transposons. All demand for a deposit of a plasmid or transposon in the CIP must be formulated in writing, enclosing the publication to be submitted to enable the CIP to carry out the necessary controls.

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