Vector-pathogen interactions (4 entities)

Vector-borne diseases play an increasing role among emerging infections. This thematic area explores the complex interactions between vectors and their pathogens, in order to identify ways of blocking infection of the vectors as a novel approach to epidemic control.


Patricia Baldacci - Center for the Production and Infection of Anopheles

Anopheles; Plasmodium FalciparumPlasmodium Berghei; Plasmodium Yoelii; Malaria 

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Anna-Bella Failloux - Arboviruses and Insect Vectors

Aedes; Culex; Zika Virus; Vector Competence; Arboviruses

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Louis Lambrechts - Insect-Virus Interactions

Aedes; Vector Competence; Arboviruses; Dengue; Zika Virus

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Kenneth Vernick - Genetics and Genomics of Insect Vectors

Anopheles; Malaria; Arboviruses; Vector Competence;  Immune Signaling ​

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