Novel approaches to diagnosis, vaccination and therapy (12 entities)

This thematic area gathers investigators with a common interest in translational research. It addresses the design, development and evaluation of candidate vaccines, therapeutics, diagnosis tools, and immunotherapies, for conversion of scientific breakthroughs into improved human health.


Rogerio Amino - Malaria Infection and Immunity

Malaria parasites; Plasmodium Pre-erythrocytic Stage; Skin and Liver Infection; Multi-antigenic; Vaccine; In vivo Imaging

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David Bikard - Synthetic Biology

CRISPR-Cas loci; Bacterial Genome Editing; Genetic Engineering; Antibiotic Resistance; Bacterial Immune System; DNA Repair

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Roland Brosch - Integrated Mycobacterial Pathogenomics

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis; Pathogenicity; Anti-tuberculosis Vaccine Development; New Anti-tuberculosis Drugs Identification

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Pierre Charneau - Molecular Virology and Vaccinology

Lentiviral-vector-based Vaccines; Prophylactic Anti-Zika Vaccines; Veterinary Anti-Rift Valley Virus Vaccine; Multivalent T-cell -based Vaccine Against Zika, Dengue and Yellow Fever; Anti-tuberculosis Vaccine

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Chetan Chitnis - Malaria Parasite Biology and Vaccines

Malaria Parasites; Blood stage; Red Blood Cells Invasion and Egress; Parasite Ligands; Receptor-ligand Interactions; Multi-component Vaccine Candidates

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James Di Santo - Innate Immunity

Infectious Disease Modeling; Innate lymphoïde Cell Biology; Pathogen Co-infection; Hepatitis C; HIV; Tuberculosis; Malaria

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Pierre Lafaye - Antibody Engineering

Nanobodies; Camel Homodimeric Antibodies (VHH); Phage Display; Blood-Brain-Barrier

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Laurence Mulard - Chemistry of Biomolecules

Carbohydrates; Peptides; Enteric Diseases; Conjugate vaccines; Chemical Probes; Chemistry

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Mery Pina  - Biological Resource Center of Institut Pasteur (CRBIP)

Drug Discovery; biobanking; Research infrastruture; Bioeconomy

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Gerald Spaëth - Molecular Parasitology and Signaling

Leishmania; Cellular Responses to Infection; Drug Discovery

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Frédéric Tangy - Viral Genomics and Vaccination

Live-attenuated Vaccine; Measles virus-based vaccine; Dengue and Zika; Chikungunya HIV, malaria; H5N1, Rabies, SARS-coV 

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Simon Wain-Hobson - Molecular Retrovirology

DNA Mutator enzymes; APOBEC proteins; DNA damage;DNA Double-strand Breaks; Cancer Susceptibility Genes; Cell Stress

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