Host-pathogen interactions (33 entities)

Pathogens have evolved sophisticated strategies to infect, propagate and persist within their hosts. Here, host-pathogen interactions are studied at the molecular, cellular, organ and whole-organism levels. The long-term goal of these studies is to identify novel targets for diagnosis, vaccination and treatment.



Andres Alcover - Lymphocyte Cell Biology

HIV-1; T Lymphocytes; Immunological Synapse

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Sylvain Baize - Biology of Viral Emerging Infections

Lassa; Viral Memorrhagic Fevers; Vaccine; Immune Response

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Philippe Bousso - Dynamics of Immune Responses

Leishmania; Imaging; Immune Responses

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Roland Brosch - Integrated Mycobacterial Pathogenomics

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis; Pathogenicity; Anti-tuberculosis Vaccine Development; New Anti-tuberculosis Drugs Identification

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Carmen Buchrieser - Biology of Intracellular Bacteria

Legionella; Genomics; Virulence Factors; Cell Biology of Infection

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Pascale Cossart - Bacteria-Cell Interactions

Listeria; Invasion Strategies; Virulence Factors; Cell Biology of Infection

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Caroline Demangel - Immunobiology of Infection

Tuberculosis; Buruli Ulcer; Mycobacteria; Cell Biology of Infection; Immunomodulation; Immunometabolism

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Françoise Dromer - Molecular Mycology

Invasive Mycoses; Epidemiology; Immune Responses; Fungal Pathogenesis

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Guillaume Dumenil - Pathogenesis of Vascular Infections

Meningococcus; Bacterial Pathogenesis; Vascular Biology; Biophysics

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Gérard Eberl - Microenvironment and Immunity

Cell Homeostasis; Cross-talk Microbiota-lymphoid cells; Chronic Inflammation; Immunology; Pathobionts

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Jost Enninga - Dynamics of Host-Pathogen Interactions

Shigella; Invasion Strategies; Imaging

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Marie-Lise Gougeon - Innate Immunity and Viruses

HIV; HPV; Invasion Process; Immunomonitoring; Autoimmunity

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Mélanie Hamon - Chromatin and Infection

Streptococcus; Listeria; Chromatin Modifications; Immunomodulation

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Monique Lafon - Viral Neuro-Immunology

Rabies; Virulence Factors; Neuron Response to Infection

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Marc Lecuit - Biology of Infection

Listeria; Host Barriers; Virulence Factors; Gut; Central Nervous System; Mother-to-child Transmission; Arboviruses; Imaging; Genomics; Epidemiology; Host Responses

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Emmanuel Lemichez - Bacterial Toxins

Bacterial Toxins and Countermeasures; Clostridium; Neurotoxins; Enterobacteriaceae

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Paola Minoprio - Trypanosomatids Infectious Processes

Trypanosoma; Virulence Factors; Immunomodulation

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Xavier Montagutelli - Mouse Genetics

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Hugo Mouquet - Humoral Immunology

HIV-1; Hepatitis; Antibodies; Anti-viral Therapies

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Michaela Muller-Trutwin - HIV, Inflammation and Persistence

​HIV; Persistence Mechanisms; Inflammation; Metabolic Responses to Infections    

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Javier Pizarro-Cerda ; Yersinia

Yersinia Pestis; Genomics; Virulence Factors; Plague Control

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Lluis Quintana-Murci - Human Evolutionary Genetics

Human Population Genetics; Evolutionary Genomics; Immune Responses

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Jessica Quintin - Immunology of Fungal Infections

Fungal Pathogens; Immunomodulation; Immune Signaling; Immune Responses

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Felix Rey - Structural Virology

Viruses; Structural Biology; Invasion and Replication Processes; Anti-viral Agents

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Anavaj Sakuntabhai - Functional Genetics of Infectious Diseases

Malaria; Dengue; Human Genetics; Infection outcome and Transmissibility    

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Carla Saleh - Viruses and RNA Interference

 ​Insect Immunity; Antiviral Mechanisms; RNAi;   Virus Transmission from Insects to Humans

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Philippe Sansonetti - Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis

Shigella; Bacterial Pathogenesis; Gut Epithelium; Microbiota

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Artur Scherf - Biology of Host-parasite Interactions

Plasmodium; Virulence Factors; Immune Escape Strategies; Malaria Pathogenesis

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Olivier Schwartz - Virus and Immunity

HIV-1; Zika; Immune Responses; Placenta

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Gerald Spaëth - Molecular Parasitology and Signaling

Leishmania; Cellular Responses to Infection; Drug Discovery

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Agathe Subtil - Cellular Biology of Microbial Infection

Chlamydia; Virulence factors; Immunomodulation; Cellular Responses to Infection    

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Frédéric Tangy - Viral Genomics and Vaccination

Dengue, Zika, HIV; Virulence Factors; RLR Interaction; Innate Immunity; Defective Interfering Genomes

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Marco Vignuzzi - Viral Populations and Pathogenesis

Viral Evolution; Defective Viruses; Arboviruses; Viral Quasispecies

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