International courses 2017



9th HKU-Pasteur Immunology Course : “Quantitative Immunology” Roberto BRUZZONE Hong-Kong University - Pasteur Research Pole 19-31 March 2017 See the web site  

Insects and vector-borne diseases in Amazonia and the Caribbean: from field to lab

Isabelle DUSFOUR Institut Pasteur de Guyane September 18-29, 2017   July 31,  2017
Teaching at the Asian/Pacific Institut Pasteur International Network (pathogenesis of infectious diseases, from molecular mechanisms leading to pathology after microbial infections to host immune responses ) Fernando ARENZANA-SEISDEDOS Institut Pasteur Shanghai - Chinese Academy of Sciences 4-20 May 2017 See the web site  February 15,  2017 
Méthodologie des essais cliniques et réalisation pratique  Muriel VRAY Institut Pasteur de Dakar 3-14 July 2017    April 30, 2017
Transgenic Technologies in modelling human diseases: principles, associated technologies, animal management, and ethics  Sylva HARALAMBOUS Hellenic Institut Pasteur June 2017 See the web site  April 10, 2017
Virology course on Viral, Host and Environmental Determinants of Influenza Virus Transmission and Pathogenesis Chris MOK Hong-Kong University - Pasteur Research Pole July 2017    
Persistent virus infections and immune evasion Jean-Pierre VARTANIAN Institut Pasteur - Fondation Cenci Bolognetti - Rome 01-10 July   May 25, 2017
Computational Biology for Infectious Diseases Marc CHOISY
IRD Vietnam - Institut Pasteur Ho Chi Minh City First half of September 2017    
1st workshop on Translational Venomic Medecine: Methods of venom preclinical testing and antivenom performance to meet the challenge of human envenoming issues Naoual OUKKACHE Institut Pasteur du Maroc 2-6 October 2017  

August 31, 2017

Workshop on Surveillance and Control of Rabies - Pasteur Alireza GHOLAMI - Hervé BOURHY Institut Pasteur of Iran 7-20 October 2017   April 15, 2017
Cells and animal models for drug discovery Mariela, BOLLATI-FOGOLIN Institut Pasteur de Montevideo 16 - 27 October 2017    
INDA Hands-on Course in Next Generation Sequencing Antonio BORDERIA Institut Pasteur Korea      
Cours régional Asie-Océanie Leptospires et Leptospiroses Cyrille GOARANT Institut Pasteur Nouvelle-Calédonie      
MalAfriCare: Malaria course Robert MENARD Institut Pasteur de Côte d'Ivoire      
Discover the Medical Mycology World: from the clinics to the diagnosis in tropical countries Stéphane BRETAGNE        
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