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Report 2016 

Over the past two years, the Institut Pasteur International Network has been characterized by the unprecedented strength of the links between its different institutes which continue to evolve from a group of excellent research, public health and teaching institutions into a true human community with shared values, objectives and missions.

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Report 2014 

Because it now comprises 33 institutes in 26 countries and on 5 continents, because it carries out jointly missions in research, public health, education and knowledge transfer, and because it brings together institutes that share, beyond a name, a common commitment, the Institut Pasteur International Network holds a unique position in the world. 


Report 2012 

Leading and strengthening the Institut Pasteur International network involves three key activities: recruiting and training researchers; strengthening technical resources and equipment for major projects; developing international cooperation. 


Report 2010 

Grounded in a close partnership with local health authorities, the network relies integrated sustainable institutions, benefiting from statuses adapted to their tasks: certain public institutions under the supervision of Ministries of Health, such as the new Institut Pasteur in Laos, others benefiting from a private status under local law.


Report 2008 

Today, all member institutes of the Institut Pasteur International Network perform research and surveillance of diseases, prevention and public health activities, and training in the countries and regions where they are located. 



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