Collection de l’Institut Pasteur (CIP)


General procedure for depositing a bacterial strain

The deposit of a bacterial strain is free of charge and is accompanied by a completed Material Deposit Agreement (MDA) with the information required for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol (date of collection, country of origin, who collected the strain, …), strain genetically modified (GMO) or not, the culture conditions, the components of the culture medium if necessary, the properties of the strain and the bibliography. The MDA is to be sent to The bacterial strain will only be sent after approval by the CIP, which reserves the right to refuse the deposit.

More information related to Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing Clearing-House (ABSCH) website.

Deposit for publication of a new species

If you wish to obtain the genome sequencing of your strain, free of charge as part of collaboration, thank you kindly inform us when depositing it. If this collaboration is not desired, the deposit request should be formulated by attaching the publication to be submitted or the results of the phenotypic and molecular characterization of the strain. Thanks to this data, the CIP carries out the necessary checks in order to deliver the CIP number of the strain and its deposit certificate as quickly as possible (4 to 12 weeks). The CIP undertakes not to disclose the information provided before the article is published.



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