Biobanks And Collections

High-quality biobanks and microbial collections are essential tools for biodiversity preservation and enable meaningful results in taxonomy, industrial biotechnology and fundamental and clinical research.

The Biological Resource Center of the Institut Pasteur (CRBIP) plays an essential role in the provision of high-quality biological material for the generation of reliable scientific results and technological innovations.

To support the research in life sciences and biotechnology, the Institut Pasteur has created the CRBIP in 2001 as a reliable repository and provider for high-quality biological material (microorganisms and human samples) and its associated high-quality datas.

The CRBIP has been certified with the standard  AFNOR NF S 96-900 from 2009 to october 2021.

Since then two entities of the CRBP (CIP et ICAReB ) are  now engaged in the accreditation process  for the 20387 Biobanking Standard.

The National Collection of Cultures of Microorganisms (CNCM), holding patent-associated microorganisms and the Collection of Viruses of the Institut Pasteur (CVIP), holding the virus of human oringin, have joined the CRBIP in 2018 increasing the diversity of the represented organisms.

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