Previous and current students

Students selected within the PPU program come from all continents and their educational backgrounds and diplomas are often various, which participates to the richness of this multidisciplinary program. Each class receives a name corresponding to a renowned scientist who had worked at the Institut Pasteur.

Laveran Class (2023-2026)
Photographie portrait Laveran Class
Ryter Class (2022-2025)
Ryter Class (2022-2025)
Barré-Sinoussi Class (2021-2024)
Pr. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi - Prix Nobel 2008 de physiologie ou médecine - Institut Pasteur

Ullmann Class (2020-2023)

Agnes Ullmann - Institut Pasteur
Bordet Class (2019-2022)
Bordet Class - Institut Pasteur
Tréfouël Class (2018-2021)
Nicolle Class (2017-2020)
ENSEIGNEMENT - PPU - Charles Nicolle class - Institut Pasteur

Wollman class (2016-2019)

Metchnikoff Class (2015-2018)

Yersin Class (2014-2017)


Jacob Class (2013-2016)


Lwoff Class (2012-2015)


Canetti Class (2011-2014)


Monod Class (2010-2013)


Pasteur Class (2009-2012)

Louis Pasteur




Fernando Guimaraes, a PhD students of the Pasteur class, describes why he chose the PPU program, what has been his experience of doing a PhD at Institut Pasteur and how it is to live and study in France (in portugese).


Interview with Fernando Guimaraes



"I am very happy to have done my PhD at the Insitut Pasteur. The PPU program is highly supportive of its students, and I have gained an international network of friends and colleagues. Scientifically, the Institut Pasteur has a rich history and is a top-level institution. The education I received there is invaluable, and has opened doors for my career throughout the world."

Michael-Jason Bland

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