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The Department of International Affairs develops institutional and scientific partnerships to boost the Institut Pasteur's global presence and tackle human health challenges.

The Institut Pasteur is committed to initiating and strengthening international scientific partnerships and collaboration, including with scientific organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Brazil and the Middle East. It is also leading several regional projects in collaboration with international institutions and Pasteur Network member institutes. As co-founder of the Pasteur Network, the Institut Pasteur plays a key role in developing joint projects with member institutes that contribute to the network's global reach.



United States: establishment of a Center of Excellence for Emerging Infectious Diseases

In October 2022, the Institut Pasteur and the Quantitative Biosciences Institute at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF QBI) launched a partnership to establish a joint Center of Excellence for Emerging Infectious Diseases. The center will operate in San Francisco and Paris, with research aimed at preparing a rapid response and treatment options in the event of a future pandemic, collecting data to enhance epidemiological studies, and improving understanding of the effects of climate change and mass population movements on the emergence or resurgence of infectious diseases.

Institut Pasteur Welcomes New, Comprehensive Relationship  With UCSF QBI



Japan: closer collaboration with two prestigious universities, Tokyo and Kyoto

The Institut Pasteur has been working in cooperation with Japan for more than 40 years and is currently stepping up its scientific collaboration with its main partners.

In 2023, the Institut Pasteur strengthened its partnerships in Japan by signing two agreements that represent key stages in the establishment of an Institut Pasteur of Japan, set to be launched in 2024. The Institut Pasteur of Japan will host scientific teams specializing in research in human and environmental health, with the aim of training and teaching future generations of scientists and promoting innovation and knowledge transfer to help safeguard global health.

The first agreement was signed in October 2023 with the University of Tokyo to establish the Planetary Health Innovation Center (PHIC), a cross-cutting center for innovation that will focus on identifying solutions to address the impact of human-caused disruption to ecosystems and will play a key role in establishing closer relations between French and Japanese stakeholders in health innovation.

The second agreement, announced in November 2023, is with Kyoto University for the establishment of the Pasteur Aging Research Center (PARC) in Japan. The aim of PARC is to respond to the challenges of aging by developing innovative projects in fields ranging from biomedical research to humanities and social sciences.

The Institut Pasteur & the University of Tokyo have signed a LOI  to establish the Planetary Health Innovation Center,  marking the first step towards the Institut Pasteur of Japan

The Institut Pasteur & Kyoto University have signed a LOI to establish the Pasteur Aging Research Center 


Establishment of the Pasteur Foundation – UK

In November 2023, the launch of the Pasteur Foundation – UK was announced at an event held by the Royal Society in London, an opportunity to celebrate French-British cooperation in the field of health and biomedical research. The scientific partnerships developed in connection with the new foundation will focus on autism and antimicrobial resistance, with the prospect of closer collaboration on pandemic preparedness and emerging infectious diseases. The Pasteur Foundation – UK will bring together some of the leading scientists in the French and British scientific communities to search for solutions and tackle the public health challenges facing the planet.

The Institut Pasteur announces the launch of the Pasteur Foundation – UK


Singapore: closer collaboration in three key research fields

The Institut Pasteur has had partnerships with research organizations in Singapore for many years now, and these links were strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2023, the Institut Pasteur began working in cooperation with A*STAR, the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore's leading public sector R&D agency. This partnership focuses on three broad research fields that are priorities for the Institut Pasteur and the Pasteur Network: respiratory diseases, vector-borne diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

Read (in French):
Organisation d’un symposium conjoint A*STAR ID Labs – Institut Pasteur (octobre 2023)


Cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center

In July 2022, the Institut Pasteur and the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center (ADPHC) signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their capabilities in detecting and tackling infectious diseases. The partnership provides for the establishment of an Abu Dhabi Pasteur Center to train up future generations of Emirati scientists in microbiology; the development of a Biological Emergency Response Unit (BERU) in Abu Dhabi to monitor pathogens circulating in the region; and interactions with research structures in Paris specializing in vector-borne diseases. This strategic collaboration will contribute directly to the international preparedness strategies for pandemics and emerging diseases that governments and health authorities have been developing under the aegis of the World Health Organization (WHO) since the COVID-19 pandemic.


India: collaboration with the Indian Council of Scientific & Industrial Research

In January 2022, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the Institut Pasteur and the Indian Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) at a hybrid ceremony. The aim of the agreement is to strengthen collaboration with the CSIR's laboratories, especially the Center for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB). This new synergy will see the launch of joint projects, with collaboration in a variety of fields such as emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance and genomics.

Institut Pasteur Welcomes New, Comprehensive Relationship With UCSF QBI


Brazil: strengthening strategic bilateral partnerships


The Institut Pasteur and its long-standing partner, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) – Brazil's leading public health establishment and a member of the Pasteur Network –, are jointly committed to health innovation, transferring scientific knowledge to society and pursuing strategies for innovation and entrepreneurship. To this end, in June 2023 the Institut Pasteur and Fiocruz signed a framework agreement to facilitate a joint approach to project maturation, based on the many synergies and complementarities between the two institutions. Fiocruz and the Institut Pasteur have also been working since 2023 towards the establishment of the Pasteur-Fiocruz Center for Immunology and Immunotherapy in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Ceára. The Center, due to be inaugurated in May 2024, will seek to accelerate research in immunology with a view to developing innovative immunotherapies to tackle communicable and non-communicable diseases.

The Institut Pasteur and Fiocruz strengthen their partnership for entrepreneurship​ 


The Institut Pasteur was behind the establishment of the Institut Pasteur in São Paulo, formerly the Scientific Platform Pasteur-USP, in partnership with the University of São Paulo and Fiocruz. The Institut Pasteur in São Paulo, which became the 33rd Pasteur Network member in 2023, will focus its research on neglected tropical diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.

The Institut Pasteur and the University of São Paulo sign articles of association to establish the Institut Pasteur in São Paulo


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