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The Institut Pasteur a non-profit foundation with recognized charitable status, is authorized to raise funds for its missions in the fields of research, public health and education. Your donations are directly given to the teams responsible for those missions – there's no intermediary.


Your donations are vital for the Institut Pasteur 

Fundraising is one of the Institut Pasteur's three sources of funding. More than a third of the Institut Pasteur budget comes from public generosity (donations and legacies) and revenues from assets. The rest is made up of revenue from its own activities including patents and licenses, and government contributions. So your donations really do make a huge contribution to the work of the Institut Pasteur's scientists. They enable the Institut Pasteur to maintain its independence and freedom of research, and to respond quickly when called upon in an emergency.


Louis Pasteur

Did you know?

Donations and public generosity were the foundation upon which the Institut Pasteur was built. Following the success of the first rabies vaccinations, in 1887 Louis Pasteur launched an international appeal to fund his building project. The scale of generosity that was shown in France and throughout the world was unprecedented.

At the opening ceremony a year later, Louis Pasteur declared: "And here we see it finished, this grand building of which it may be truly said that there is not a single stone that is not the material sign of a generous thought. All the virtues have paid tribute towards the erection of this abode of toil." Since that time public support has never waned. 


You can give confidently

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The Institut Pasteur is dedicated to providing transparency on how it uses all funds raised. Its ethical commitment to each and every one of its donors is reflected in its membership of the French Committee of the Charter for Trust in Fundraising and its use of a statutory auditor.

  The Committee of the Charter for Trust in Fundraising is an independent supervisory agency for charities and foundations, set up in 1989 to promote higher standards in public fundraising. Some 80 organizations, including the Institut Pasteur, have voluntarily joined the Committee and complies with the Ethics Charter but also to undergo regular inspections. This certification is awarded based on compliance with four broad commitments: independent organization on the basis of articles of association and disinterested management; rigorous management; exemplary communication and fundraising campaigns; and
a high level of financial transparency for donors.



You will be kept informed of the latest Institut Pasteur news

If you make a donation to the Institut Pasteur, you will receive the quarterly magazine for donors, La lettre de l'Institut Pasteur, which keeps you informed of the latest progress in the Institut Pasteur's research.

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Musee Institut Pasteur

You can enjoy free entry to the Pasteur Museum

With your donor card, you can visit the Pasteur Museum free of charge.
The Museum harbors the memory of the life and work of Louis Pasteur in the spacious apartment he occupied during the final seven years of his life.





By the phone : (33)01 40 61 33 33
By email : dons@pasteur.fr




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