Our missions

Founded in 1887 and based in France, the Institut Pasteur is an international research and education institute that is committed to advancing science, medicine and public health. The Institut Pasteur is a private, non-profit foundation with recognized charitable status entrusted with four core missions of public interest – research, education, the health of populations and people, and innovation development and technology transfer.

Research at the core of our missions

La Recherche - Institut Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur is an international center for biomedical research

The research conducted at the Institut Pasteur unravels the fundamental mechanisms of life, advances scientific knowledge and leads to cutting-edge medical applications.

  • Research conducted at all levels of life
  • Implementation of multidisciplinary approaches
  • Unique technological facilities
  • An international network of 32 institutes on every continent

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Health of populations and people

The Institut Pasteur and its International Network are putting their scientific expertise to work for the health of populations and individuals.

  • The Institut Pasteur is home to several national and international centers of expertise (CNRs and WHOCCs) that monitor infectious diseases
  • The Institut Pasteur Medical Center is a health center specialized in infectious and tropical diseases, travel medicine and allergies
La Santé - Institut Pasteur


Talented young scientists and professionals in science and medicine, from all over the world, are drawn to the high-quality courses offered by the Institut Pasteur, which are taught by top level experts both in France and abroad.


La Valorisation - Institut Pasteur

Innovation development and technology transfer

Through its multidisciplinary and transversal approach to research, the Institut Pasteur promotes discovery and innovation.

  • Fostering new research projects.
  • Turning Institut Pasteur technologies and innovations into progress in diagnosis, vaccines, therapy and technology for the benefit of patients.


Strategic plan 2019 > 2023 

The Institut Pasteur has been contributing to the history of science, medicine and public health for 130 years. 

In a context of intense global upheaval, in both health and science and with the emergence of new threats, the Institut Pasteur needs to review its scientific priorities and strategic short and medium-term orientations.



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