Biological Resource Center (CRBIP)

One of the oldest and largest internationally recognized biological resource centers, the Biological Resource Center of Institut Pasteur (CRBIP), has a mission to provide international scientists, teachers and industry with high-quality microbial and human materials and scientific expertise.

The CRBIP oversees a group of biobanks that maintain microbial and human bio-resources, along with associated data (e.g., biological characteristics, sequence data), and make them available globally, in compliance with health and environmental safety standards and under applicable laws and regulations. The CRBIP operates under quality management certification.

The CRBIP’s activities include:

  • Reception of valuable biological material deposits.
  • Characterization, preservation, and distribution of microbial and human bio-resources.
  • Providing the following specialized services:
    • Acquisition and distribution of biological resources.
    • Lyophilization, production of biomass.
    • Optimized sampling and preservation methods of human bio-resources.
    • Microbial identification, sequencing, and genomics analyses.
  • Offering training, expertise, and consulting services to help you to succeed in your projects and develop the skills of your teams.




Collection of Institut Pasteur (CIP)

Bacterial strains and viral strains from one of the oldest culture collections in the world.

Pasteur Cultures of Cyanobacteria (PCC)

Monoclonal strain cultures representing the taxonomic and functional diversity of Cyanobacteria.

National Collection of Cultures of Microorganisms (CNCM)

Microbial strains and cell lines deposit under the Budapest Treaty.

Clinical Investigation and Access to Research Bioresources (ICAReB)

Samples and clinical data from patients and healthy volunteers.


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