Laveran Class (2023-2026)

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PPU 2023-2026 - classe Laveran
Promotion PPU 2023-2026
PhD student Master degree studies Laboratory PhD Director Lab Head PhD Project Doctoral school
PPU students
BARONE Krista New York University, New York, United States Macrophages and Endothelial Cells OBINO Dorian GOMEZ-PEDIGUERO Elisa Role of perivascular macrophages in physiology and pathology BioSPC - ED 562
ESCOBAR RODRIGUEZ Mariana University of Groningen, the Netherlands and University of Montpellier, France Microbial Paleogenomics RASCOVAN Nicolas RASCOVAN Nicolas Investigate the microbial dimension of the European colonization of the Southern Cone of the Americas BioSPC - ED 562
FILIPPOPOULOU Eftychia Democritus University of Thrace, Alexandroupolis,Greece Epidemiology and Physiopathology of Oncogenic Viruses BUSEYNE Florence GESSAIN Antoine Human infected with zoonotic simian foamy viruses: functional studies of antibodies targeting the viral envelope BioSPC - ED 562
HORO Uzuki Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA Evolutionary cell biology and evolution of morphogenesis BRUNET Thibaut BRUNET Thibaut Emergence of Multicellular Contraction behavior in a close relative of animals BioSPC - ED 562
MANKE Lea Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden Cell Polarity, Migration and Cancer ETIENNE-MANNEVILLE Sandrine ETIENNE-MANNEVILLE Sandrine Mechanobiology of Glioblastoma cell Invasion : the role of Intermediate filaments in cell mechanics CdV - ED 515
OSTERMAYER Jasmin University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland G5 "Fungal Epigenomics" GLADYSHEV Eugene GLADYSHEV Eugene Identification of new factors involved in the initiation of epigenetic silencing of repetitive DNA BioSPC - ED 562
PIBER Marielle University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom and University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Zebrafish neurogenetics DRAY Nicolas BALLY-CUIF Laure Single cell and population control of neural stem fate decisions. BioSPC - ED 562
SIENES BAILO Juan University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden Immunoregulation ROGGE Lars ROGGE Lars IL-23 signaling in immune cells:  physiological roles and pathological consequences BioSPC - ED 562
TELLO RUBIO Bruno Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands Advanced Molecular Virology DI NUNZIO Francesca DI NUNZIO Francesca Single-cell landscape in viral reactivation     BioSPC - ED 562
TOMS Kieran University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom Biology of Infection LECUIT Marc LECUIT Marc Impact of neurolisteriosis on brain immune and cognitive functions BioSPC - ED 562
VELAZQUEZ DE CASTRO ESTEVE Alicia Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain Antibodies in Thearpy and Pathology JONSSON Friederike BRUHNS Pierre Identification, isolation, and characterization of autoantibodies against the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in psychotic patients  ED 394 PPT  
PPU-R&T students            
DEIST Philipp Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany MSBio Utechs / Bio cell and inf CHAMOT-ROOKE Julia, DUMENIL Guillaume CHAMOT-ROOKE Julia, DUMENIL Guillaume Deciphering host-pathogen interactions with in vivo cross-linking mass spectrometry (XL-MS) ED 388
PPU-CNBG students            
CAI Xiaonan Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden Cell biology of microbial infection WU Yongzheng  Agathe SUBTIL Chlamydia trachomatis strategies to evade the inflammatory response of the host CdV - ED 515
PPU-IMAGINE students            
AMISTADI Simone University of Trento, Trento, Italy Chromatin and gene regulation during development MICCIO Annarita MICCIO Annarita EDIting strategies for Treating Hemoglobinopathies BioSPC - ED 562
NA Manho Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel Immunogenetics of pediatric autoimmune diseases RIEUX-LAUCAT Frédéric RIEUX-LAUCAT Frédéric Inborn Errors of activated JAK/STAT pathway: consequences and mechanisms underlying autoimmunity and lymphoproliferation BioSPC - ED 562
PEREZ LORENZO Malena Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases PUEL Anne ABEL Laurent / CASANOVA Jean-Laurent  Inborn errors of immunity and chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis BioSPC - ED 562
ZHANG Kerui Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan Molecular basis of altered immune homeostasis MENASCHE Gaël MENASCHE Gaël New molecular effectors and therapeutic targets regulating mast cell degranulation and anaphylaxis BioSPC - ED 562
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