Barré-Sinoussi Class (2021-2024)

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Barré-Sinoussi Class (2021-2024) - institut Pasteur
Promotion PPU 2021-2024
PhD student Undergraduate studies Laboratory PhD Director Lab Head PhD Project Doctoral school
PPU students
Cumming Tom University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom Cell Death and Epithelial Homeostasis Romain Levayer Romain Levayer Quantitative Decision Making in Commitment to Apoptosis CdV ED 515
Gomez Raya Vilanova Miguel Vicente University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland  Archaeal Virology Krupovic Mart Krupovic Mart Cell biology of archaeal virus infection CdV ED 515
Grimée Mathilde Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany Infectious Disease Epidemiology White Michael White Michael Mathematical Modelling of the impact of P. vivax Serological Testing and Treatment Santé Publique ED 393
Guillermo-Montiel Hanoi Ivan National Autonomous University of Mexico, Queretaro, Mexico Neural circuits for spatial navigation and memory Schmidt-Hieber Christoph Schmidt-Hieber Christoph Probing memory formation and retrieval in neural networks 3C  ED 158
Ieda Yu Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan Dynamic Regulation of
Gros Jerome Gros Jerome Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Allantois Formation in Amniotes CdV ED 515
Krentzel Daniel Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom Imaging and Modeling Zimmer Christophe Zimmer Christophe Deep Learning for Anti-bacterial Drug Discovery ED 474 FIRE
Lenormand Madison Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom Dynamique du génome Richard Guy-Franck Benoit Arcangioli Dissecting double-strand break repair by single-cell analysis CdV ED 515
Maloney Elizabeth Tufts University, Boston, USA Translational Immunology Duffy Darragh Duffy Darragh Impact of variable immunometabolic pathways on immune responses in health and infection ED 474 FIRE
Näsman Norell Puck Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden  Membrane Biochemistry and Transport Wollert Thomas Wollert Thomas Combating Alzheimer's disease by pushing cellular recycling BioSPC ED 562
Ochandorena Saa Amaia Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands Imagine-Institut Pasteur Unit of Heart Morphogenesis Meilhac Sigolène Meilhac Sigolène Role of ciliary genes in asymmetric heart morphogenesis BioSPC ED 562
Thomsen Julie Hagedorn University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark Membrane Traffic and Cell Division Echard Arnaud Echard Arnaud How do cells split into two? Characterization of new proteins essential for cell division and preventing tumorigenesis CdV ED 515
PPU-CNBG students
Zhou Yanping Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, Wuhan, China Lymphopoiesis Cumano Ana Cumano Ana The fetal liver stromal compartment and expansion of hematopoietic stem cells BioSPC ED 562
PPU-Oxford students
Bolland William Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom Virus & Immunity Unit Schwartz Olivier Schwartz Olivier SARS-CoV-2 fusion, replication and antiviral responses. BioSPC ED 562
PPU-IMAGINE students
Azzam Patrick Lebanese University, Fanar, Lebanon Genetic and Development of Cerebral Cortex Pierani Alessandra Pierani Alessandra Programmed Cell Death of transient neurons in normal and pathological development of cortical circuits BioSPC ED 562
Panikulam Patricia Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Bangalore, India Molecular basis of altered immune homeostasis laboratory Sepulveda Fernando Menasche Gaël & Sepulveda Fernando Actin cytoskeleton in cell migration in 3D-environments BioSPC ED 562
Saei Hassan Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran Laboratory of hereditary kidney diseases Mollet Géraldine & Dorval Guillaume Saunier Sophie Identification and characterization of intronic variants in hereditary renal diseases BioSPC ED 562
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