Ryter Class (2022-2025)

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Promotion PPU 2022-2025
PhD student Undergraduate studies Laboratory PhD Director Lab Head PhD Project Doctoral school
PPU students
BERGMAN Alexander Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden Insect-Virus Interactions LAMBRECHTS Louis LAMBRECHTS Louis Transposable elements and antiviral defense in the mosquito Aedes aegypti CdV  ED515
BORDA BOSSANA Stefano University of Trieste,
Trieste, Italy
Dynamic Neuronal Imaging DIGREGORIO David DIGREGORIO David Synaptic, cellular and circuit mechanisms of temporal learning ED158  3C   
CHAKRABORTY Ranabir Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, India UTRAF ZURZOLO Chiara ZURZOLO Chiara Assessing the Presence and Functionality of Tunneling Nanotubes in the Brain ED577  SDSV 
GROZNICA Martin University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria Virus and Immunity CHAKRABARTI Lisa SCHWARTZ Olivier Study of coronavirus-induced epithelial damage in a lung-on-chip system BioSPC  ED562
PAZOS BOUBETA Yago University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland Neurobiologie Intégrative des Systèmes cholinergiques BESSON Morgane MASKOS Uwe Impact of the interactions between gut microbiota and neuroimmune signaling on reward system function and its response to drugs of abuse ED158  3C   
PONCE LOPEZ José Roberto National Autonomous University of Mexico, Cuernavaca, Mexico Biochemistry of Macromolecular Interactions MECHOLD Undine LADANT Daniel Bacterial toxins producing unusual cyclic nucleotides BioSPC  ED562
RAMIREZ FINN Laura University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK Mucosal Inflammation and Immunity INGERSOLL Molly INGERSOLL Molly Understanding the influence of biological sex in the response to urinary tract infection BioSPC  ED562
RIBOT Nathan Heidelberg University, Germany Malaria Infection and Immunity CELLI Susanna AMINO Rogerio A novel type of Plasmodium parasite multiplication BioSPC  ED562
VEITS Nisha University Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany 4D SCHWEISGUTH François SCHWEISGUTH François Temporal dynamics of patterning in the eye of Drosophila CdV  ED515
PPU-Oxford students            
SCHIAFFI Veronica Sapienza University of Rome, Italy SAMe BARRAS Frédéric BARRAS Frédéric Historical, Evolutionary and Functional analysis of Iron-Sulfur cluster biosynthesis in procaryotes BioSPC  ED562
PPU-CNBG students            
LIU Ying Changchun Institute of Biological Products, Changchun, China Dynamics of the Genome ARCANGIOLI Benoit ARCANGIOLI Benoit Genetics of quiescence CdV  ED515
ZHAO Yining Shanghai Ocean University, China Mitochondrial Biology WAI Timothy WAI Timothy Regulation of inner mitochondrial membrane integrity and innate immune signalling in cardiac health BioSPC  ED562
PPU-IMAGINE students            
ANGELACOPOULOU Ismini Maria University College London (UCL), United Kingdom Genetics of Mitochondrial Disorders ROTIG Agnes ROTIG Agnes Cellular mechanisms of iron overload in neurodegeneration BioSPC  ED562
University of Pisa, Italy
Developmental Brain Disorders COOLEN Marion CANTAGREL Vincent Neuronal FAte specification defects in developmental disorders of the CERebellum BioSPC  ED562
CASTANO MARTIN Reyes Complutense University of Madrid, Spain Translational Research in Neurological Disorders BLAUWBLOMME Thomas,
CIURA Sorana
KABASHI Edor Molecular and physiological targets for focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) 3C 158


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