Why join us?

Joining the Institut Pasteur means becoming part of a team driven by curiosity and dedicated to delivering groundbreaking innovations in the fields of research, medicine and public health. We aim to attract the brightest and best to join our research and support teams so that we can achieve our ambitious targets of excellence and impact.  


Work in an international environment - Institut Pasteur

Work in an international environment

The Institut Pasteur is constantly strengthening its long-standing reputation on the international stage. In an era when the research landscape is experiencing fundamental changes, with a new emphasis on global health and "one health", our foundation recognizes the major role the Institut Pasteur International Network can play in driving forward its plans for the future. This network of 33 institutes is spread over 25 countries on every continent. We are stepping up cooperation within the network, and the Paris campus has a key role to play in these efforts. You will be encouraged to work in a multicultural setting and to develop your skills as you pursue your career within a rapidly changing environment.

Dialog between scientists and mobility within the network are strongly encouraged as a means of boosting professional development, enhancing personal appraisal processes and helping to secure funding for research programs.

The scientists that we recruit to permanent positions spend at least three months working at one of the institutes in the International Network during the first two years of their contract.




Bénéficiez d’un accompagnement dans la gestion de votre carrière - Institut Pasteur

Get personalized career support

The Institut Pasteur offers Master's and PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, engineers and scientists a personalized career support program via the Career Development Service for Scientists.




 Broaden your horizons with diverse and varied teams - Institut Pasteur

Broaden your horizons with diverse and varied teams

The wide range of profiles and talents at the Institut Pasteur is a great asset and one of the foundation's unique features. Our Paris campus has staff members from 78 different countries – a huge advantage given the increasingly global nature of research.

As part of its commitment to gender equality in the workplace, in January 2022 the Institut Pasteur adopted a Gender Equality Plan (GEP).

The Institut Pasteur achieved a score of 98% on the 2022 French Gender Equality Index.

Pasteurians and Institut Pasteur alumni Network

The Institut Pasteur gathers its community, Pasteurians and Alumni, with an international network aimed at all past and present Institut Pasteur staff from Paris or any of the members of the Pasteur Network.



A campus in the heart of the French capital - Institut Pasteur

A campus in the heart of the French capital




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