Pasteur Network


    general presentation


    Contribute to the prevention and fight against infectious diseases for a better global health through:

    • Research 
    • Public health activities
    • Training
    • Business development and technology transfer

    General Objectives

    A flexible, operational platform, which can help the international community of the Pasteur Network with the implementation of:

    • Its wider scientific strategy
    • Regional policies and scientific actions (projects and trainings)
    • Cross-cutting actions
    • Operational assistance and the translation of research questions and outcomes to the concerned communities, policy makers and the general public
    • Its organization and governance



    Pasteur Network is developing a new dynamic and structuring logic. The new governance organisation has been designed to represent more effectively all the members of the Pasteur Network, facing together the major challenges of the 21st century such as the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Pasteur Network organisation

    The association

    It represents the Pasteur Network and assist its members creating, implementing and coordinating research projects amongst them. The association also ensures the organisation of regional and inter-regional interactions. To know more, please visit the official Pasteur Network's webpage.

    The Foundation

    Sheltered at the Institut Pasteur, the foundation contributes to the Pasteur Network’s development through capacity building and infrastructure-strengthening activities. To know more, please visit the official Pasteur Network's webpage.


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