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PPU - Charles Nicolle Class - 2017-2020 - Institut Pasteur
Ph.D. Student Undergraduate studies Laboratory Thesis Advisor Lab Head Doctoral School Ph.D. project 
Diana Paola BAQUERO URIZA  Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia  Molecular Biology of the Gene in Extremophiles Prangishvili David & Krupovic Mart (as co-advisor) Forterre Patrick  CdV Molecular mechanisms of virus release in Archaea
Paulo BASTOS   University of Aveiro, Portugal Biology and Genetics of the Bacterial Cell Wall Gomperts Boneca Ivo Gomperts Boneca Ivo BioSPC Studying the mechanisms of peptidoglycan dissemination from the gut to the brain and its thereof effects
Camilla BATISTA  University of São Paulo, Brazil  Biology of Host-parasite Interactions Garcia Sylvie Scherf Artur CdV Establishment of a humanized mice model for Plasmodium falciparum blood stage infection to initiate the study of host-parassite interactions
Paolo CALDARELLI  University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy  Morphogenesis Regulation in Higher Vertebrates Robert Benoît Gros Jerome (as co-advisor) Gros Jerome CdV Identifying mechanotransduction signaling pathways during the formation of the early embryo
 Chloé CHARENDOFF Texas A&M University, College Station, USA  Cell biology of Microbial Infection Subtil Agathe Subtil Agathe CdV Nuclear activities targeted by intracellular bacteria
Adriana CHIARELLI   University of Siena, Italy  Ecology and Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance Glaser Philippe Glaser Philippe & Naas Thierry (at Hôpital Bicêtre) CdV Carbapenem resistance heterogeneity in Klebsiella pneumoniae
Carys CROFT   University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada  Innate Immunity  Di Santo James Di Santo James BioSPC Regulation of ‘ILC-poiesis’ under steady-state and stress conditions
Cristina FERNANDEZ MOLINA   University of Madrid (UAM)  Stem Cells ad Development Ricchetti Miria Tajbakhsh Shahragim  CdV Mechanisms of precocious ageing in a human progeroid syndrome
Bérénice GANDIT  The University of Edinburgh, UK  Neural Circuits for Spatial Navigation and Memory Schmidt-Hieber Christoph Schmidt-Hieber Christoph 3C Information processing in newborn and adult neurons
Lukas HAFNER  University of Geneva, Switzerland  Biology of Infection Lecuit Marc Lecuit Marc FdV Host and bacterial factors involved in hypervirulence of Listeria monocytogenes
Marta MASTROGIOVANNI   Sapienza University, Rome, Italy  Lymphocyte Cell Biology di Bartolo Vincenzo Alcover Andrés  ED 394 The tumor suppressor Adenomatous polyposis coli as a regulator of anti-tumor immunity
Emilia McLAUGHLIN    University College London, England  Trypanosome Molecular Biology Glover Lucy Glover Lucy BioSPC The molecular basis of antigenic variation in African Trypanosomes
André Filipe PAULINO CARVALHO  Universidade de Lisboa, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal Bacterial Genome Plasticity Mazel Didier & Baharoglu Zeynep (as co-advisor) Mazel Didier CdV Genetic study of the bacterial response to low doses of antibiotics
Alejandro TEJADA ARRANZ   Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain  Helicobacter Pathogenesis de Reuse Hilde de Reuse Hilde BioSPC Post-transcriptional regulation by an RNA-degradosome in the bacterial pathogen Helicobacter pylori
Matthias WAGNER   Universität Berlin, Germany  Malaria Parasite Biology and Vaccines Chitnis Chetan Chitnis Chetan BioSPC Signaling mechanisms during blood stage of malaria parasites
PPU-EMHE students
Ph.D. Student Undergraduate studies Laboratory Thesis Advisor Lab Head Doctoral School Ph.D. project 
Daniela MEGRIAN  University of the Republic-PEDECIBA, Montevideo, Uruguay Molecular Biology of Gene in Extremophiles Gribaldo Simonetta Patrick Forterre CdV Phylogenomics approaches to uncover the diversity and evolution of bacterial cell envelopes
Jason ROSADO  Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, Lima, Peru Malaria: Parasites and Hosts Mueller Ivo Mueller Ivo ED393 The molecular and sero-epidemiology of relapsing P. vivax malaria in Peru
PPU-CNBG students
Ph.D. Student Undergraduate studies Laboratory Thesis Advisor Lab Head Doctoral School Ph.D. project 
Wenming WEI   China National Vaccine and Serum Institute (CNVSI), Beijing, China Lymphocyte Development & Oncogenesis  Ludovic Deriano Ludovic Deriano BioSPC Identification of new DSB repair factors in G1-phase lymphocytes - potential novel targets for cancer therapy
Qimeng LI  Harbin Veterinary Institute of CAAS, Harbin, China and Gansu Agriculture University, Lanzhou, China Channel-receptors Unit Pierre-Jean Corringer Pierre-Jean Corringer ED3C (Cerveau-Cognition-Comportement) Nanobodies specifically targeting and modulating brain nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
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