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The Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnership Department is responsible for the Institut Pasteur’s fourth mission – innovation development and technology transfer. Its role is to support the entire innovation process: identification of potential applications, protection, innovation development, promotion, transfer, and post-contract management. The aim is to bring medical solutions and products for patients to market faster through industrial partnerships and licenses, or by forming startups.


Innovation - Organization 2024

    Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnership

    The Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnership Department helps researchers and industrial partners, from scientific discovery through exploitation and implementation of inventions. To achieve this, five offices are available to process and transfer future innovations:

    • Detection and Financing of Innovation
    • Patents and Inventions
    • Innovation Development
    • Technology Transfer & Entrepreneurship
    • Post-contract & Alliance Management


    INNOVATION - Institut Pasteur - Isabelle Buckle



    Michel Perez - Innovation - Institut Pasteur


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    Linda Naït - Innovation - Institut Pasteur
    INNOVATION - Institut Pasteur - Camille Tribout



    Pascale Jordan - Institut Pasteur
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