13th edition of Pasteurdon: combating infectious diseases and cancer

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Pasteurdon, a major event that celebrates French research, is focusing on two central themes for its 2019 edition: antimicrobial resistance and cancer. These two fields illustrate the commitment and expertise of the Institut Pasteur's research teams. With the support of patron Alexandra Lamy and more than 40 media partners, the 13th edition of Pasteurdon will take place from October 9 to 13, 2019. This public fundraising campaign is vital for the Institut Pasteur's research.

Tackling new viruses, characterizing disease outbreaks, dealing with a salmonella infection or tracing the epidemiology of seasonal influenza – not a week goes by without the Institut Pasteur's scientists rolling up their sleeves to take on a public health challenge. And every October, the Institut Pasteur gives the public a chance to get involved and show their support for its research teams during the five-day Pasteurdon campaign. The generosity of individuals and sponsors is crucial in advancing research.

"We are delighted that Pasteurdon, our annual five-day event with the public, media partners and our scientists, is proving to be such a success. Public generosity is vital for the Institut Pasteur. Gifts and donations enable us to contribute to advances in research and health, both now and in the future," emphasizes Dr. Jean-François Chambon, Vice-President Communications and Fundraising at the Institut Pasteur.

Patron Alexandra Lamy, committed to supporting scientists for the past nine years

Over five days, the Institut Pasteur's scientists will share their passion for research with the general public. From guided tours and short films to a lab coat fashion parade and a host of other activities, Pasteurdon is a real celebration of science, organized with the aim of raising the funds needed for research projects.

The Pasteurdon patron, Alexandra Lamy, has shared this enthusiasm for the cause for the past nine years. In 2019, the actress will once again be standing alongside the Institut Pasteur's scientists, offering her support and encouragement throughout this 13th edition.

Pasteurdon partners and supporters

Pasteurdon is unique in terms of its sheer scale and the unbridled enthusiasm and commitment of the presenters and journalists involved. More than 40 media partners will be rallying to the cause by broadcasting radio and TV spots to reach out to the public:

C8, CSTAR, CNEWS, W9, 6Ter, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films, LCI, NRJ12, Chérie 25, LCP-Assemblée nationale, Public Sénat, France 4, France Ô, franceinfo, BFMTV, BFM Paris, BFM Business, RMC Story, RMC Découverte, GULLI, la chaîne l’Equipe, France 24.

RFI, BFM Business, RMC, Sud Radio, NRJ, Nostalgie, Chérie FM, Rire et Chansons, Radio Classique, RTL, RTL 2, Fun Radio, Europe 1, RFM, Virgin Radio, Radio France.

Pasteurdon benefits from the support of the Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires Foundation, AG2R LA MONDIALE, Assu 2000 and TV Magazine.

A dedicated website contains a wealth of resources, with facts and figures about the Institut Pasteur's research and the Pasteurdon campaign, details about the teams and their work, and information about how research is funded and how to make a donation.

Click here: https://pasteurdon.pasteur.fr/

Two major themes under the spotlight in Pasteurdon 2019

Focus on antimicrobial resistance

In France, almost 140,000 new cases of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections were reported in 2016, representing 12% of all bacterial infections requiring hospital treatment.

Infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria result in 20% more hospital deaths than infections with antibiotic-sensitive bacteria.

"The Institut Pasteur is involved in all aspects of research into antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Its scientists contribute to global surveillance of resistance and develop research programs to elucidate and model the spread of resistant strains and identify the link between resistance and virulence," explains Philippe Glaser, Head of the Ecology and Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance Unit.

More than 60 multidisciplinary Institut Pasteur teams are exploring new avenues to combat resistance and develop new antibiotics.

Focus on cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death in all age groups in France (both under and over 65s), claiming 157,400 lives in 2018. Although there are many types of cancer, they all use the same strategy to spread throughout the body – cancer cells are capable of invading healthy tissues while escaping the immune system.

"It is crucial to carry out research on risk factors such as bacterial and viral infections, the emergence of proliferation and invasion capabilities in cancer cells, and tumor immunity. This research is particularly effective at the Institut Pasteur because its scientists have wide-ranging and complementary expertise in microbiology, virology, cell biology and immunology", comments Sandrine Étienne-Manneville, Head of the Cell Polarity, Migration and Cancer Unit.

At the Institut Pasteur, 43 laboratories and 300 scientists are investigating cancer to find new means of prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Highlights of Pasteurdon 2019

Lab coats given a makeover by graffiti artists – Wednesday October 9

You will never have seen anything quite like it. The lab coat, the symbol of the hard-working scientist, is being given a new lease of life by graffiti artists! All scientists don the ubiquitous white coat as soon as they enter their lab – both for safety reasons and to ensure the compliance of any experiments, but also as a sort of ritual.

For Pasteurdon 2019, a dozen contemporary urban artists accepted the invitation to customize a lab coat. Bebar, Bishop Parigo, Etienne Bardelli, Jean-Philippe Gournay, Jo BeR, Julia Kremer, Kekli, KRSN, L'Atlas, Mr. POES, Panar, Sun7 and ZDEY all agreed to rise to the challenge and were given a glimpse behind the scenes of biomedical research as they met Institut Pasteur scientists.

At the Pasteurdon launch, some of the artists will give live demonstrations of their creative talents on various media. The event will culminate with Institut Pasteur scientists taking to the catwalk wearing the customized coats.

Discovery Day on Saturday October 12

On Saturday October 12, the Institut Pasteur's scientists will be sharing their passion for science and the fruit of their research by opening their laboratories to the public. Children and adults, scientists and science buffs will all have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a researcher for an afternoon. Get ready to take part in scientific experiments, discover the magic of the microscopic world, visit intriguing places and enjoy strange encounters.

Registration required by October 2 on the Pasteurdon.fr website.

Public generosity is vital for the Institut Pasteur's activities

More than 130 years after the Institut Pasteur was first set up on its campus in central Paris, over 2,600 Pasteurians from every corner of the world continue to give their all, day after day, to investigate the problems that threaten our health, from cancer and neurodegenerative disorders to infectious diseases. Pasteurdon shines a light on their efforts.

Public gifts and donations are vital to support research programs that focus on issues such as addressing antimicrobial resistance, elucidating brain function and tackling different forms of cancer, especially inhibiting the action of cancer-causing bacteria. Research by the Institut Pasteur's scientists resulted in more than 1,100 publications in 2018.

The 2018 edition of Pasteurdon raised €2 million. This sum can fund two research units for a year and pave the way for discoveries in fields such as cancer research and neuroscience.

"As President of the Institut Pasteur, this is my second Pasteurdon. I can't wait to experience the fantastic energy generated by the campaign once again and to see all the presenters and journalists who are so committed to our cause, alongside actress Alexandra Lamy, the loyal patron of the event. It is always inspiring to witness how science can raise people's hopes," shares Professor Stewart Cole, President of the Institut Pasteur.

The aim is to maintain the same target this year, given that fundraising among individuals for all charities and foundations in France decreased in 2018 following changes to the tax framework (a rise in the General Social Contribution (CSG) for pensioners, replacement of the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF) by the tax on real estate assets (IFI) and introduction of a pay-as-you-earn system for income tax). In 2018, donations from individuals to the Institut Pasteur fell by 11.8% compared with 2017. Public gifts and donations represent a total of one third of the Institut Pasteur's resources (funds raised in France and abroad, from individuals, companies and foundations, including both legacies and gifts).

How can I support the Institut Pasteur:

By making a donation:

- at pasteurdon.fr

- by phoning 36 20 and saying « Pasteurdon » (free service + standard call charge, in France)

- by making out a check to Pasteurdon (send to 25 rue du Dr Roux, 75015 Paris)

- by text message – send "DON" to 92 112 to make a €20 donation
(available in mainland France on the Bouygues Télécom, Orange and SFR networks. The donation will be added to the invoice from your cell phone provider. For more information send "contact" to 92 112)

By raising awareness:

Facebook : Institut Pasteur

Twitter : @institutpasteur
#Pasteurdon #MetsTaBlouse

Instagram : @institutpasteur


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