New Free On-Line Course Created By Institut Pasteur: Clinical Trials In Infectious And TropicalL Diseases


While clinical research has developed for many years in high income countries, it is becoming increasingly important in countries with limited resources. Indeed, beyond common pathologies, specific pathologies such as infectious and tropical diseases make it necessary to conduct trials adapted to the context of countries with limited resources. In addition, re-evaluations of therapeutic or vaccine strategies validated in high income countries are necessary for application in countries with limited resources. In all cases, these trials must meet international ethical and quality criteria.

The general objective of this MOOC is to give professionals, students and researchers working in the field of Life and Health Sciences, the theoretical and practical bases which will allow them to design clinical trials. It focuses on countries with limited resources and gives practical examples of trials carried out in these regions.

This MOOC is part of the Online Diploma of infectious Diseases of the Institut Pasteur DNM2IP.

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