Apprenticeship tax

Giving your apprenticeship tax to the Institut Pasteur's Education Center means supporting advanced training for young scientists that will enable the medical discoveries of the future.


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5 good reasons to choose the Institut Pasteur:

  • You can help a private, non-profit foundation with recognized charitable status which relies on private support to maintain its high level of innovation and responsiveness.
  • You can associate your company with the major medical discoveries of the future.
  • You can help to improve human health.
  • You can contribute to the excellence of our research by funding training for young researchers.
  • You can be involved in knowledge transfer, keeping Louis Pasteur's vision alive.

Education at the Institut Pasteur is central to our vision:

  • High-quality teaching available to a wide audience

The Institut Pasteur's Education Center has extensive expertise and offers teaching to students from a variety of backgrounds: scientists, physicians, pharmacists, engineers and veterinarians. Given the international profile of many students, an increasing number of courses are taught in English. We regularly host courses run by scientists based on campus in partnership with the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO).

  • A strong scientific identity

In line with the Pasteurian tradition, the courses are organized by theme. They are taught by high-level scientists and emphasize the importance of interaction between professors and students, as well as the transfer of knowledge via experience acquired during practical sessions and discussions.

  • International visibility

In 2009 we introduced the Paris-Pasteur University International Doctoral Program in collaboration with Paris-Descartes, Paris Diderot and Pierre & Marie Curie universities. The aim is to attract top students from across the world.

  • Committed to digital technologies

In connection with the Pasteur-CNAM School of Public Health, we have set up a massive open online course (MOOC) on methods and concepts in epidemiology.

  • Dynamic partnerships at national level

In France, Paris-Descartes, Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris-Diderot and Paris Sud universities are key partners in our education activities. The Institut Pasteur also enjoys a strong partnership with the French National Conservatory of Arts and Trades (CNAM) within the Pasteur-CNAM School of Public Health.

Applicable categories

The Education Center is authorized to receive apprenticeship tax:

  • In category B
  • (Training levels I and II)
  • Institutions that award technological diplomas at Bachelor and Master level: universities and other higher education institutions

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lecturers from
and abroad



each year


training courses
to Master's-level

and combining
theory and practice



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