Strategic plan for 2019-2023

The Institut Pasteur is ideally placed to successfully pursue its primary missions of research, public health, education and the identification of research applications. Its many strengths  include the outstanding quality of its staff, the excellence of its research and infrastructures, and the enormous potential of the Institut Pasteur International Network. 

Meet health challenges of the 21st century

Our ambition is to give new impetus to basic research. It is imperative that the Institut Pasteur leverages its extensive basic research portfolio to address the most pressing global health challenges. We have set specific goals that represent a coherent yet flexible approach. 


Two concerted actions


Other Research Activities of the Institut Pasteur

Strategic Plan - Institut Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur is an internationally renowned center for biomedical research that stands out in many disciplines. By deciphering the fundamental mechanisms of living organisms, its researchers contribute to the advancement of knowledge that leads to cutting-edge medical applications, ultimately improving public health.



A favorable technological environment

Technological progress is opening up innovative research fields that will pave the way for new treatment possibilities tailored to the environment and needs of local populations, as part of a broader approach to healthcare. Providing Institut Pasteur research teams with access to cutting-edge resources and expertise in the fields of technology and animal research to advance their discoveries is a priority of Institut Pasteur strategic plan.

A favorable technological environment - Institut Pasteur



Knowledge accessible to all

The Institut Pasteur has been acting in favor of Open Science by adopting two founding texts in May 2021: a Charter for Open Access to publications and a Policy for the management and sharing of research data and software code. Both policies are in line with the Institut Pasteur 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.

SCIENCE OUVERTE - Institut Pasteur


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