Nicolas Torno,
Associate VP and Head of Office

The Patents and Inventions Office is tasked with protecting intellectual property rights at the Institut Pasteur, which holds a portfolio of approximately 2,150 patents and 211 patent families.

The Patents and Inventions Office is not only responsible for going through all the legal steps in protection but also works closely with other offices and the scientists to develop specific targeted patent strategies.

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Nicolas Torno is a Biochemist, MBA, French and European patent attorney with 13 years of practice in a prestigious firm. Nicolas Torno was involved for example in the BRCA1 – Myriad board of appeal cases at EPO. Since 2010, he manages the patent portfolio of Institut Pasteur (350 patent families) with a team of 12 colleagues including five patent attorneys and an accountant. He worked on different broad international litigations and negotiations, such as in the field of HIV-1, HIV-2, HBV and HPV; and co-chaired the AIPPI Biotech French Group. His role extends throughout the Technology Transfer activities of Institut Pasteur comprising business development, industrial and institutional relations, contract review and amendments, negotiations and litigation.

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