Biology of Microorganisms​

With sessions on theory and hands-on practicals, the courses held at the Teaching Center are grouped into three themed areas: Epidemiology and Public Health, Mechanisms of Living Organisms, and Biology of Microorganisms.


Mechanisms of Living Organisms 's Pasteur Courses:

Pasteur Course Microbiology

This eight-week theorical and practical course presents the latest advances in molecular and cellular microbiology. Training is provided through lectures, bench works and discussion sessions and is organized in four parts.



Pasteur Course Medical mycology

This four-week course is intended for microbiologists (MDs, PharmDs, PhDs & veterinarians) willing to catch up with the most recent advances in diagnosis and identification procedures and principles of therapy for fungal infections.



Pasteur Course Tuberculosis

This two-week course is intended for medical doctors, veterinarians, directors of clinical mycobacteriology laboratories, pharmacists and research scientists wishing to acquire an up-to-date knowledge on tuberculosis, molecular methods for diagnosis and drug susceptibility testing, new drugs and treatment regimens as well as molecular and traditional epidemiology.



Pasteur Course Fundamental virology

This 11-week theoretical and practical course provides fundamental knowledge about viral families and their interactions with host cells.




Pasteur Course Emerging viruses

A week-course in October every year. This course, taught in english, delivered within the framework of the Pasteur school is dedicated to candidates with a medical or scientific training background who are interested in all aspects of this discipline: medical and public health students, scientific Master 2 and PhD students (Virology, Epidemiology, Emerging Diseases..), physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and other health professionals.


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