MOOC Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface

The MOOC entitled "Global health at the human-animal-ecosystem interface", jointly produced by the University of Geneva, the Virchow-Villermé Center, the University of Montreal and the Institut Pasteur with its International Network, opened for registration on March 21.



About the MOOC

This new multidisciplinary MOOC was compiled with the input of almost 30 experts from 20 high-level institutions and from international organizations, NGOs and the World Health Organization. Nine experts from the Institut Pasteur and the International Network were involved in setting up this new open online course, which addresses broad themes including (re)emerging epidemics, zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, rabies and the impact of the environment on health. This MOOC looks at health risks while also identifying opportunities and new challenges for promoting health and biodiversity.

MOOC Global Health at the Human Animal Ecosystem Interface - Institut Pasteur

This new MOOC illustrates the major role played by the Institut Pasteur in global health.

Find more information about the course on the Platform COURSERA.

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