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The MOOC “Diagnosis and prognosis biomarkers in global health” is now open to registration on the FUN platform.



About the course

Biomarkers are the subject of considerable interest by scientists and researchers worldwide: they determine the use of targeted treatments (a major therapeutic advance in medicine), allow to measure the evolution of a disease or to indicate a particular physiological event. Due to the extraordinary development of genomics and proteomics and the exposure of the Institut Pasteur international network (IPIN) to emerging diseases, the Institut Pasteur is particularly well-positioned to study the interest of biomarkers for diseases diagnosis and prognosis in global health.

In this context, this MOOC aims at looking at the latest findings on the use of biomarkers for public health, especially by focusing on the research activities of the 33 institutes in the Institut Pasteur International Network. It was recorded at the Symposium of the Institut Pasteur International Network in December 2016.

This MOOC is divided into four chapters: the first provides definitions and outlines the methodological aspects of biomarkers; the second uses specific examples (HIV, arboviruses, malaria, tuberculosis, etc.) to review how biomarkers are currently used in infectious diseases; the third focuses on biomarkers in oncology; and the fourth examines the use of biomarkers to investigate noncommunicable diseases (rare diseases, Alzheimer's, liver disease, etc.).

Those interested in following the sessions of this MOOC should have reached first-year Master's level.

The MOOC will start on May 29 and finish on July 13. It requires approximately two and a half hours' work each week.



 Find more information about the course outline and the evaluation on the Platform FUN (France université numérique).

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