MOOC Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology - Institut Pasteur/Cnam

This MOOC teaches concepts and methods in Epidemiology, a key discipline in the field of Public Health.



About the course

Monitoring diseases and carrying out population-based surveys to identify their causes (behaviors, environmental exposure, and genetic factors): such is the role of epidemiology, the principles and methods of which you will learn during this course.

The course begins with a presentation of the key principles of descriptive epidemiology (monitoring of diseases, investigation of epidemics) and analytical epidemiology (identification of disease risk factors). Principal risk indicators, the formulation of a scientific hypothesis, the study schemes used in population-based surveys, taking sampling fluctuations into account, the statistical analysis of results and the interpretation of bias: all of these will be explained and illustrated by examples and case studies drawn from the real world.


This course is designed for anyone who wants to know more about epidemiology and its related job prospects. It is particularly relevant for students and professionals who are interested in population health. This course can also serve as a supplement for professionals from other disciplines of public health (e.g. public health policy, health economics).


 5 videos of 10-15 minutes every week for six weeks, 29 videos in total. A final exam will be organized during week 6.

Find more information about the course outline and the evaluation on the Platform FUN (France université numérique).

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