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Semmelweis University aims to give students the possibility to learn about other countries’ higher education and health care systems, and to ensure that the results of its teaching and research activities extende beyond Hungary’s borders. In accordance with our university’s three-fold mission, our international relations encompass the fields of education, research and health care. Semmelweis University has a number of well-established bilateral agreements within the frame of the Erasmus Student Mobility Programme (ESMP). Several bilateral agreements exit in the fields of research and development, scientific cooperation, and staff exchange. Semmelweis University’s six faculties maintain relations with more than 200 foreign institutes of higher education in various areas of cooperation.

Among the strategic goals of Semmelweis University is to take on a leading role in Central and Eastern Europe as the region’s leading centre of biomedicine and to increase its international competitiveness in the fields of development, education and health care.

The call is reserved to full-time students at Semmelweis University who have completed successfully four semesters at the Semmelweis University.

Candidates are selected by the Institute of Medical Microbiology, Semmelweis University and can then apply to integrate a laboratory of their choice, among those that have submitted a research project. The research traineeship lasts 6 months maximum.

This program allows students from Semmelweis University to spend up to 6 months in a laboratory at Institut Pasteur. Applicants are selected through a competitive call, based on the analysis of the CV. In order to maximize their motivation selected trainees are allowed to choose their host centre.


The project will address full-time students who have already completed four semesters at the Medical Faculty, Dental Faculty, Pharmacy Faculty, Health and Public Services Faculty, Public Services Faculty, Health Sciences Faculty of Semmelweis University.

More information for applicants:


Selections are carried out through a public call for applications based on competitive criteria and addressed to students from the Medical Faculty, Dental Faculty, Pharmacy Faculty, Health and Public Services Faculty, Public Services Faculty, Health Sciences Faculty of Semmelweis University, complying with the following requirements:

  • letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Good knowledge of English

The applications are evaluated by a Commission composed by representatives of the International Offices of Semmelweis University and by the Scientific Coordinators of the Institute of Medical Microbiology of Semmelweis University on the basis of the following criteria: average marks of passed examination; knowledge of English; Number of publications; Former national/international experiences (Erasmus, etc).


Detailed projects are requested in advance to the hosting laboratories.

The selected candidates receive the work programs offered by all the hosting institutions and are invited to express up to 2 preferences, well-motivated on the basis of their CV.

Their choices are satisfied on the basis of the candidates’ ranking but also evaluating the consistency between their preparation and the formative contents of the work program to be carried out in the host country on the one hand, and the compliance with specific requirements by the hosting centres on the other. The CVs are then submitted to the hosting centres, which, are free to request further information, to interview potential trainees and to reject all applications if not satisfied.

After evaluation of the candidate, the host laboratory communicates their decision relative to the acceptance of the candidates to the Erasmus office of the sending University.


Submission of the projects proposals by the host laboratories is provided annually. The acceptance of a candidate by the host laboratory should be confirmed through a formal letter (e-mail). After the acceptance, the tutor can plan with the trainee the start date of the placement, the logistic aspects, etc.

The training period will last 3 to 6 months. The limit date for the training will be determined by the University.


Semmelweis University students interested in an internship at Pasteur through the Erasmus+ program should contact the Institute of Medical Microbiology at University:

Dr Béla Kocsis

Deputy Director

Semmelweis University

H-1089 Budapest

Nagyvárad tér 4

Phone: +36-20-417-4167


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