The 2019 award winners

This year, the Sanofi – Institut Pasteur awards emphasize a special focus for global Health with 2 fields: Immunology, Microbiology & infection


International Senior Award 

Dr. Carl F. NATHAN - Weill Cornell Medicine – New York

Field: Microbiology & Infection

Carl F. Nathan is awarded for his major discoveries in our understanding of host-pathogen relations, such as macrophage activation by interferon gamma which strongly shaped the field of immunology and dramatically influenced treatment of infectious diseases.

3 International Junior Awards

Pr. Andrea ABLASSER - EPFL - Lausanne, Suisse

Field: Immunology

Andrea Ablasser is awarded for her major contributions to a fundamental discovery in innate immunity:  the role of DNA recognition during infection which has inspired efforts to implement strategies interfering with innate immune responses to treat inflammation-related disorders. 

Pr. Ido AMIT - Weizmann Institute of Science - Rehovot, Israel

Field: Immunology

Ido Amit is awarded for his breakthrough single cell studies elucidating the diversity of the immune cell types which revolutionized our view in basic immunology and immunotherapy research.  

Dr. Marek BASLER - University of Basel, Biozentrum - Bâle, Suisse

Field: Microbiology & Infection

Marek Basler's research has fundamentally advanced our understanding of a very important bacterial nanomachine which delivers effectors in neighboring cells, influencing many areas of microbiology, such as pathogenesis and polymicrobial communities.

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