The Award Winners 2014


The Senior awardee is Etienne Pays​

for his numerous ground breaking discoveries on trypanosomal diseases, from the understanding of antigenic variation to the description of innate immunity protecting humans against infection by some African trypanosomes as well as the different mechanisms of resistance of pathogenic trypanosomes to this immunity.


The Mid-career awardee is Jean-Laurent Casanova​

for his paradigm shifting discoveries of the role of single gene mutations in determining occurence of life threatening infectious diseases in otherwise healthy patients,  leading  to novel treatments of pediatric diseases with recombinant cytokines.

The two national Junior awardees are 

Priscille Brodin 

for her important contributions in the study of mycobacterial diseases, in particular tuberculosis and Buruli ulcer.


Nadine Laguette 

for her key discoveries on viral infections in particular HIV infections.

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