MOOC Advances in Stem Cell Biology



Realized with the support of the Fondation Ipsen, under the aegis of Fondation de France

Stem cells have the spectacular ability to restore the function of damaged tissues, providing major opportunities for fundamental studies on organogenesis, regeneration, diseases, and ageing. In spite of intense research in this field, many unanswered questions remain regarding stem cell regulation and function. The Advances in Stem Cell Biology MOOC was created to provide an overview of stem cell biology, the properties of stem cells and their potential in directing organogenesis and regeneration in different organisms, and how they can be exploited for therapeutic purposes.


During this MOOC you will learn about the characteristics and properties of stem cells, along with the latest discoveries in the field from general concepts to different categories of stem cells, and how they participate in organogenesis in the organism - and in a dish.

This MOOC is organized in 5 chapters:

1. General concepts in stem cell biology

2. Tissue specific stem cells

3. Pluripotent stem cells

4. Organoids

5. Stem cell applications


This MOOC is intended for research scientists and PhD students who already have laboratory experience and a good knowledge (equivalent to a Master level) in developmental and cell biology. It provides a wide scope of how stem cells have adopted strategies to effect organogenesis and regeneration in different organisms.





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