Bequests, notarized donations and life insurance policies

Bequests and donations: with your help, in 100 years' time we will still be advancing research. Today's commitment is tomorrow's action.


This section relates to French wills under French law. To draw up a will for the Institut Pasteur from abroad, or if your estate is located in several countries, please refer to your local lawyer to draw up an international will under the Washington Convention of 1973. This will ensure that your wishes are fully respected when the succession opens. 

Bequests and notarized donations are part of the Institut Pasteur's main resources. They ensure long-term sustainability for our research and are a true expression of our benefactors’ generosity. Whatever the amount, a bequest is always a deeply altruistic gesture.

Making a bequest or setting up a notarized major gift to support the Institut Pasteur means improving human health by funding the research conducted by scientists at our institute, which is recognized the world over for its contribution to scientific and medical progress. A bequest or a notarized donation is a very effective way of giving: it is allocated directly to our research teams.

It is also exempt from tax duties, since our foundation has recognized charitable status. Leaving a bequest or making a notarized major donation in support of the Institut Pasteur means having your say in what we research. It is entirely up to you to give it to the Institut Pasteur for the most pressing research needs, or to allocate it to a specific research field that is important to you, such as cancer or malaria.

We want to give you peace of mind that we will respect your wishes for your bequest or donation and make the process as straightforward as possible.

You can rest assured that your bequest or notarized gift will be put to good use – the Institut Pasteur is closely supervised by several external organizations: the French Committee of the Charter for Trust in Fundraising, external auditors and the French Government's Accounting Office.

Additionally, the ISO 9001 certification awarded by AFNOR is a guarantee of quality and trust for all those who contact the Institut Pasteur's Department of bequests and notarized major donations.

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