A renovation for the Institut Pasteur in Madagascar


On March 6th, 2014 the Professor Christian BRECHOT, President of the Institut Pasteur, has inaugurated the Girard renovated building of the Institut Pasteur in Madagascar. This building built in 1935 has been brought up to international standards with fundings from the French Ministry of Research to meet quality and scientific excellence requirement.

The Girard building hosts the following units:

Medical Entomology, with huge insectariums to study mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and arthropods sensitivity to insecticides
Immunology for the study of immune responses in diseases such as malaria, cysticercosis, tuberculosis and plague
Plague Unit/ WHO Collaborating Centre which includes the plague central laboratory of the Ministry of Health
Helminthiasis with the central laboratory for bilharziasis from the Ministry of Health

Since 1898, the Institut Pasteur in Madagascar, a recognized public institute, is a partner of the Ministry of Health in Madagascar. It was created to conduct useful studies and researches for health and economic development of the country. Internationally recognized, the Institut Pasteur in Madagascar is a National WHO Collaborating Center for plague and WHO Reference Laboratory for Polio, Measles and Influenza. It also houses National Reference Laboratory for Mycobacterium and Rabies.Training is also central for the Institut Pasteur in Madagascar. This institute promotes the development of country's human capacity in the field of health and research by training doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, scientists and technicians and staff of the Ministry of Health. The Institut Pasteur in Madagascar is also greatly involved in the academic world.


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