Incentive programs

These programs are tools for deploying the Institut Pasteur’s scientific vision. They strengthen collaborations between Pasteurian teams around ambitious and innovative projects.



The Department for Scientific Programming and Incentive Actions (SPAIS), attached to the Scientific Direction, is in charge of key elements’ implementation of Institut Pasteur’s strategic plan, especially:

  • To develop partnership research (1) between pasteurian research entities of the Parisian campus (2) between the Institut Pasteur Paris and its international network of 33 Pasteur Institutes in 26 countries on 5 different continents,
  • Adressing societal challenges by encouraging multidisciplinary research through various calls for incentive projects.

In this context, SPAIS launches -among others- two annual calls: PTR (Transversal Research Programs), ACIP (Inter-Pasteurian Concerted Actions), in connection with the International Department, to encourage scientific collaborations in support of the Institut Pasteur strategic plan. These are internal calls destinated to Pasteurian scientists from the Parisian campus and the Institut Pasteur International Network.

All the projects funded under these two calls are gathered in a book




Sponsor: Institut Pasteur


  • Develop new scientific collaborations between International Network of Pasteur Institutes, particularly in the field of public health.
  • Explore innovative research hypotheses to obtain preliminary results and thus be able to evolve towards more substantial funding
  • Promote young pasteurian scientists participation in these international research consortia


  • Duration: 24 months
  • Budget: maximum 50 000 euros
  • Annual call
  • Theoretical start of projects January 1st

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  • Encourage the development of multidisciplinary, innovative and ambitious transversal research projects
  • Support projects in line with the Institut Pasteur’s strategic plan
  • Create synergies to foster future collaborations with external organizations
  • Strengthen cutting-edge technological approaches
  • Promote the careers of young researchers


  • Duration: 24 months
  • Budget: maximum 250 000 euros (human resources costs included)
  • Annual call
  • Theoretical start of projects January 1st
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