Strategic and scientific partnership with Université Paris Cité

The Institut Pasteur is a research partner organization, member of Université Paris Cité community. The Institut Pasteur’s association with Université Paris Cité is a global partnership for research and education in the field of biology and health, formally established in June 2021.


The two institutions have joined forces to develop a concerted joint scientific strategy based on the strengthening and co-development of existing topics within the two institutions, in the areas of both fundamental and translational research and training.

The Institut Pasteur and Université Paris Cité share areas of excellence such as microbiology, immunology, structural biology and chemistry. Mutually beneficial synergies will be developed in developmental biology, cellular biology, neuroscience, hard sciences, and humanities and social sciences.

The association between the Institut Pasteur and Université Paris Cité also reflects a broader ambition to boost international reach, for which the Pasteur Network will be a major asset.

The Institut Pasteur and Université Paris Cité already collaborate on numerous research and training projects, and the sharing of human and technological resources and expertise will further strengthen this collaboration.

The status of research partner organization within the Université Paris Cité community guarantees mutual respect for the institutional, scientific and financial independence of the two partner organizations. Governance of the association is balanced, with the respective Presidents sitting on the Boards of both institutions and reciprocal representation in the Université Paris Cité Academic Senate and the Institut Pasteur General Meeting board.

Université Paris Cité was recognized as an IdEx (Initiative of Excellence) on March 10, 2022 in connection with the Investing in the Future calls for proposals funded by the French government, confirming its position as a center of excellence for research and training in France.

Read the press release: The Université de Paris – the Institut Pasteur Association: A world-class partnership in research and teaching in the field of health biology.

Université Paris Cité by the numbers

In 2023, Université Paris Cité occupies the 69th place in the Shanghai ranking (ARWU) unveiled on August 15, 2023.
4th French university and 15th university in continental Europe, Université Paris Cité consolidates its position in the top 100 worldwide.

"Our progress compared to last year [2022] is remarkable and reflects in particular the contribution of our association with the Institut Pasteur", says Édouard Kaminski, President of Université Paris Cité (for more information, read the article Université Paris Cité climbs 9 places in the Shanghai ranking).




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