Study Grants Calmette & Yersin

These Grants, funded by the Pasteur Network Foundation, are designed to promote and facilitate participation of the scientists in the Pasteur Network in courses provided at Institut Pasteur in Paris, training workshops organised by the Pasteur Network member institutes, and other courses recognised by the International Division of the Institut Pasteur.


The C&Y study grants aim to support the training of Pasteur Network members by financing their participation to courses held in the Network. The grant covers the accommodation costs (on the basis of 1100 €/month) and registration fees. The travel costs the travel costs remain in charge of the candidate's institute.


The C&Y study grant is only dedicated to the Pasteur Network members. Only candidates selected to particpate to the course will be eligible.

The identified course must held in the Pasteur Network.

The call is open to any nationality.



The candidate will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the course for the candidate
  • Motivation of the candidate with the objectives of the project
  • Support from the candidate’s institute to participate on the course



Applications must be submitted online and can be in English or French.

The call is open all year round.

It is strongly recommended to the candidate to simultaneously apply for the participation to the course and for the C&Y Study grant.

When deemed necessary, Institut Pasteur reserves the right to ask candidates for additional information in order to evaluate their application.

Candidates must not submit information in their application that is confidential and/or protected by the intellectual property rights of third parties, and may contravene any rights of third parties.


  • Call for applications : 15th December
  • Closing date for applications : March 05th
  • Selection Committee meeting beginning of April
  • Decision notice : from May for internships in the Pasteur Network and July for internships in the Institut Pasteur in Paris

Online applications exclusively

Any incomplete application by the  deadline will be rejected


    CONTACT: Marianne Lucas-Hourani


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