Regular support or a one-off gift

Donating to the Institut Pasteur means providing direct support for biomedical research and helping a foundation committed to fighting a multitude of diseases. 


There are many ways that you can give to the Institut Pasteur and make your own contribution to human health. Many people choose to make a one-off gift or to set up a regular direct debit.

Regular donation

Choosing to make a regular donation via direct debit makes our research even more effective.

Benefits for you:

  • Your donation is staggered over the year.
  • You can choose the amount and frequency of your regular donation
  • You can choose between a direct debit from your bank account or a regular payment taken from your debit or credit card.
  • Up to 66% of your donation is tax deductible.
  • You can stop, reduce or increase your regular support by simply phoning our Donor Service.
  • You will receive fewer requests for donations.


Benefits for the Institut Pasteur:

  • Savings on postage costs because you will receive just one regular bulletin, the Lettre de l'Institut Pasteur, on a quarterly basis to keep you informed of the scientific progress your donation has made possible.
  • Savings on processing and recording checks and producing tax receipts. (You will receive a single summary tax receipt each year.)
  • Better long-term financial visibility, which leads to better management.

Benefits for scientists:

For the same amount donated, the share that goes directly to our research laboratories is higher because of administrative savings. This means that:

  • Research programs are more successful since they can adopt a longer-term, more stable approach. Regular donations enable better financial visibility, meaning that teams can anticipate, plan and organize human and material resources.
  • Regular support means that funds can be raised quickly in the event of an emergency (for example during epidemics such as influenza A/H1N1 in 2009), without having to wait for the launch of an appeal for donations.

I choose the regular donation

One-off gifts

One-off donations effectively contribute to our research and make funds directly available to our scientists. These gifts  are incredibly useful for our work.

You can make your gift:

  • Online via our secure platform.

  • By post; please send your payment to:

Institut Pasteur 
Service des Dons et Mécénat
25-28 rue du Dr Roux
75724 Paris cedex 15
  • By telephone at +33 (0)1 40 61 33 33.

I choose a one-off donation

Our online donation platform is entirely secure. You can use it to make an online donation or to print out the documents you need to enclose with a postal donation, for both one-off and regular gifts.



By the phone : (33)01 40 61 33 33
By email :




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