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L’immunité innée et la fusion des cellules infectées par le SARS-CoV-2
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Innate immunity is the fastest-acting component of the immune system, but so far little is known about its role during...
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A further step has just been taken in understanding the mechanisms that allow some individuals to control HIV...
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Cocaine addiction is a chronic disorder with a high rate of relapse for which no effective treatment is currently...
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Epidemiological theory teaches us that a microbial agent introduced into a population stops circulating when the...
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Since the late 1990s, immunotherapy has been the frontline treatment against lymphomas where synthetic antibodies are...
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Resistance to artemisinin, the main component of the current antimalarial treatments recommended by WHO, is already...
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Which patients will develop a severe form of Covid-19? This is a key question that needs to be answered to improve the...
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Every winter, seasonal coronaviruses are responsible for repeated colds and bronchitis from early childhood onwards....
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The gut microbiota houses a complex and varied microbial community that coexists in a balance which is crucial for...



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