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In developing countries, where access to laboratory tests remains limited, could use of a criterion as simple as weight...
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Today, Africa is the second continent most affected by rabies, after Asia. A recent study conducted by Institut Pasteur...
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A European consortium of microbial resource centers was launched on March 18, 2009. Known as EMbaRC, its particular...
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Thanks to their high capacity for adaptation, bacteria progressively learn how to resist antibiotic treatments. French...
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Researchers from the Institut Pasteur have identified genetic mutations responsible for cases of ovarian insufficiency...
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A team from the Institut Pasteur working with the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) has shown in an...
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The results of a clinical trial aimed to assess the effectiveness of an oral vaccine against Shigella dysenteriae...
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Researchers at the Institut Pasteur and CNRS have just determined the structure of a bacterial protein similar to the...
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Researchers at the Institut Pasteur and CNRS have just identified a new source of neurons in the adult brain. Their...



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